Underwater Hull Cleaning and Propeller Blades Polishing

At Global Marine Heritage, maintaining ship efficiency is paramount. Over time, vessel hulls become victims of marine growths, leading to increased drag and reduced efficiency. Our recent project focused on meticulously cleaning these hulls and polishing propeller blades to restore peak vessel performance. Using advanced ROVs for initial inspection, our team employed environmentally-friendly tools for cleaning and specialized equipment for propeller polishing. The result? Enhanced vessel performance, better fuel economy, and a stride toward sustainable maritime practices.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

At Global Marine Heritage, we employ Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to assess the integrity and condition of marine structures without causing any damage. This advanced method allows us to ensure safety, durability, and performance, paving the way for cost-effective maintenance and prolonged structural lifespan.

Inspections of Dams and Bridges

At Global Marine Heritage, we specialize in the thorough inspection of critical infrastructures such as dams and bridges. Leveraging advanced techniques and equipment, we ensure these structures maintain their integrity and safety standards. Our dedicated teams evaluate potential vulnerabilities, ensuring longevity and safeguarding communities.

Hydrographic/Bathymetric Survey

At Global Marine Heritage, our Hydrographic/Bathymetric Surveys delve deep, mapping the seabed’s contours and features. With cutting-edge technology, we capture precise underwater topography data, essential for navigational safety, coastal development, and environmental studies. Ensuring accurate and comprehensive marine data, we remain at the forefront of maritime exploration and understanding.

Ultrathermic Cutting and Dry, Wet welding

At Global Marine Heritage, we harness the power of ultrathermic cutting for precision dismantling underwater, complemented by our expertise in both dry and wet welding techniques. Whether it’s repairs, construction, or salvage operations, our advanced procedures guarantee integrity, durability, and top-tier underwater craftsmanship.

Ship Salvaging and Wrecks Removal

At Global Marine Heritage, we excel in the meticulous task of ship salvaging and wrecks removal. Using specialized equipment and seasoned expertise, we safely recover vessels and clear marine pathways, ensuring navigational safety and preserving marine ecosystems from potential hazards.

Debris and Weeds Clean-Up

At Global Marine Heritage, our commitment to pristine marine environments shines through our debris and weeds clean-up services. Equipped with advanced tools and a dedicated team, we efficiently remove underwater obstructions, ensuring clear pathways and contributing to healthier aquatic ecosystems.

Underwater Acoustic Survey & Recorder Installation

At Global Marine Heritage, we dive into the realm of sound beneath the waves with our Underwater Acoustic Surveys. Paired with our expertise in installing Acoustic Monitoring Recorders, we capture and analyze marine soundscapes, supporting research, navigation, and marine conservation efforts with precision and depth.

Marine Pipeline Installation

At Global Marine Heritage, we lay the foundations for secure and efficient marine transportation systems through our marine pipeline installation services. Utilizing advanced equipment and seasoned expertise, we ensure that pipelines are positioned accurately and safely, fostering reliability and longevity beneath the waves.

Submarine Cable Laying

At Global Marine Heritage, we’re bridging continents beneath the oceans with our Submarine Cable Laying services. Employing state-of-the-art technology and a skilled team, we meticulously deploy communication and power cables on the seabed, ensuring global connectivity and uninterrupted energy transfer.

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